Formotus Now: Mobile forms for everyone on demand

Formotus Now

A unique and powerful way to reach wider audiences with your Formotus mobile forms. Just share a link by email or on a Web page, and anyone who clicks it will access your form in Formotus Now.

1. Get the free app

Download from Windows store

Android app on Google Play

2. Try out sample forms

No need to open the app once it’s installed — simply click below to open a sample form. Notice that you’re not prompted for credentials to use these forms. Formotus Now enables forms for anonymous users.

General Purpose Forms

Any business might need forms like these.

Expense Report



 Emergency Contact

 Incident Report

Specialty Forms

Forms for construction, field service & healthcare.

 Service Request

 Safety Inspection

 Work Order

 Job Safety Analysis

 Health Questionnaire

3. Create and share your own custom forms

Put Formotus Now to work for you

With a Formotus account you can easily create and share your own forms with anyone you want, including employees, external partners or the general public. See for yourself how easy it is with the Formotus online form creator.

Common scenarios for Formotus Now

Formotus Now is suitable for a wide variety of scenarios including: employee surveys, customer surveys, checklists, service requests, helpdesk, HR forms, expense reports, timesheets, vacation requests, confidentiality NDA forms, tax forms, I-9 forms, W-4 forms, healthcare forms, patient registration, health history, treatment forms, release forms, HIPAA privacy forms, research studies, clinical trials, lead capture, and so on.

Formotus offers what others cannot

  • Sophisticated business logic that requires no coding and works offline
  • Connectors that go straight to your data systems, not through ours
  • Built-in SharePoint support – Connect anonymous users to your SharePoint data

Which to choose: Formotus Now or Formotus Pro?

Good news, you don’t have to choose! A Formotus Team or Enterprise account lets you use either or both apps to distribute your forms, depending on your business scenarios. Both apps run exactly the same Formotus forms.

Formotus Now is for reaching a wider audience with your forms and not requiring credentials. You can share forms with employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and even the general public. Licensing is per use of a form.

Formotus Pro is for equipping your mobile workforce with offline-optimized forms and tightly controlling exactly who has access to which forms. Licensing is per user per month.